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It’s been two days since Harmonix started a sale for over 1,000 of their songs and what a sale it is! Celebrating the release of RockBand Blitz, and RockBand’s five year anniversary, Harmonix is now offering 50% off their DLC.



I’ve personally bought over 40 new songs in the past two days and at 50% off it’s worth every penny! For a full list of the songs available on sale here is the list. Sale ends on September 25th so hurry and grab yourself some tunes!


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Rock Band Blitz is the newest emergence from the franchise and it brings a new way to play all that music you have purchased. With Blitz you no longer have to run to the store to buy batteries when you want to rock. This game utilizes your normal console controller instead of the plastic instruments we all have lying around. You will get a new 25 song setlist with Blitz but all of your previous DLC and exports are also compatible. Another new feature is power ups which will take everything you think you know about the franchise and turn it upside down.


Library Card: Like a library you have many different choices in what you want to experience. The Rock Band Franchise is on its 250th week of consecutive DLC for for nearly 4000 available songs. This makes the replay value of the game immensely greater than if it only had its 25 song soundtrack. All of your exports of previous games also work and you can even export Blitz into Rock Band 3 which is currently not available to be exported into Blitz itself.

Power Ups/Coins: One of the new additions to the franchise with nce certain ones will work better on certain songs. You have three different types of power ups within the game that you can utilize for high scores, they include overdrive power ups, note power ups, and instrument power ups. The double points power up for drums will work best on songs with intense drum beats and if you combine that with band mate to have that drum track played for you while you hammer out another one you may top the leaderboards. Using the power ups in smart ways leads to high scores, which in turn gives you coins to use to buy more power ups. You can even connect the game to the Rock Band World Facebook app for more ways to earn coins and some intense multiplayer.

Rock Band World: This is a new feature and it is very fun to use. When you load up the Rock
Band World app you can do many different things. First of all you can start challenges that will get you extra coins, these can be done alone or with groups of friends and range from playings songs from specific decades, to getting a certain number of stars, and even guessing mystery songs. These challenges become even more fun when you are looking at the leaderboards to see how your friends did, and then trying to beat them. If you want to shame them even more you can challenge them to a score war.

Asynchronous Multiplayer: While Rock Band Blitz doesn’t have multiplayer from the main menu of the game, it does have its score wars from within the Facebook app. Score Wars let you challenge a friend to see who can get the highest score on a song within three days. You will go back and forth battling it out to become king or queen of the song. If you manage to win this war you will be granted 1500 coins to use on power ups. These battles are great fun especially if they stay close up until the last hours and you have to fight for the win and the bragging rights.


Score War Process: While I love the score wars I do wish they were better implemented into the game. From the Rock Band World app you can challenge your friends to these but from in the game you can only send out challenges to random people. I wish that you could challenge friends from within the game because it would make the process all that much easier.

In Conclusion:

Rock Band Blitz shows that the franchise has life beyond the plastic instruments that litter your gaming room. With the Score Wars and DLC with no end in sight you will be coming back to the game over and over again. I do hope that the Rock Band World app makes its way to handhelds so accepting challenges and starting wars is easier. The cost of admission is only fifteen dollars and you won’t regret taking the plunge back into the colorful world that Harmonix has created.

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We will be doing an interview with Harmonix about Rock Band Blitz very soon and we want to know what your burning questions are. (more…)

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Harmonix has revealed more of the setlist for Rock Band Blitz and a new trailer for the power ups in the game.  (more…)

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Harmonix is releasing a RockBand game that will use a standard controller and not plastic instruments On the Xbox Live Arcade. (more…)

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This Valentine’s Day, Harmonix proudly presents a collection of time-honored tunes about love and heartache… the “Gold Star My Heart Pack”! (more…)

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